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Stepper 36 Motor 12v 24v Nema 14 Step Angle 0.9° for OMG V2 3D Printer Extruder

Stepper 36 Motor 12v 24v Nema 14 Step Angle 0.9° for OMG V2 3D Printer Extruder

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  • If you can't buy on Amazon, you can contact us through Ascend on the official website or email to use other payment methods, confirm the total amount including international shipping, and inform your receiving address, zip code, name and phone number, and we will send you the money immediately after receiving the remittance. China sends international express to you.


  • For more information, you can search ASPINA official website:


  • Because of its excellent quality, we have specially customized this motor through our ASPINA agent and modified it for use with 3D printers.

  • SHINANO is a famous Japanese motor manufacturer. It was established in 1918 and has a history of more than 100 years. It is of super high quality, stable, durable and quiet operation. And launched a new global brand ASPINA in 2019.Weight: 95g.ASPINA is JAPAN brand,
    Produced by its Chinese branch.Made in China.
  • ASPINA is a long-established Japanese motor brand. We select the best and most stable Japanese motor after screening.
  • Please read the manual and FAQ on OMGEXTRD official website carefully before installation.
  • Notice: * When using a multimeter to measure the driving voltage, do not connect the motor * Measure drive voltage Motherboard need Power on, non-ubs connection with PC.
  • * Rotate counterclockwise + Vref * Rotate clockwise -Vref Power off the motherboard Rotate the potential adjustment screw Then power on the motherboard Use a multimeter to measure voltage Repeat the above steps-adjust to the correct voltage Please note: Turn the potential screw to be sure to disconnect the motherboard power supply.
  • 1/LCD screen enters the main menu to adjust (requires firmware support). 2/ The motherboard firmware refreshes the configuration file to adjust. 3/ After the host computer is connected, input the M code command.
  • Two methods to modify volt 1/ Rotate the potentiometer to adjust. Phillips screws on the drive. Such as TMC2208, etc.
  • The plastic shell and filament of the extruder will be softened when the temperature is above 80℃. If your use environment is a high-temperature cavity-such as printing PEEK, etc., Need to install additional cooling system.
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    $39.99Sale Price
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