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OMGEXTRD dual drive extruder upgrade to 4 drive Embossed bearing

OMGEXTRD dual drive extruder upgrade to 4 drive Embossed bearing

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1、There are 2 embossed bearings in box.Outer ring diameter:10.16mm. Outer ring diameter of older bearings:10.01mm.

2、After upgrading the embossing bearing, the extrusion effect of soft filaments such as TPU can be better improved. It will also be improved for other materials such as PLA. When the weight of the filament is replaced by 1 kg, the greater friction will also make the traction stronger, and the extrusion will be lighter and more accurate.

3、Because the diameter of the outer ring of the embossed bearing is a little larger than that of the previous smooth bearing, the bottom spring screw has to be screwed a little shallower than before.

4、After upgrading to embossed bearings, the friction force is effectively increased, which also increases the traction force of the extruder during extrusion and withdrawal, especially the more powerful and accurate withdrawal distance during rapid withdrawal.

5、Compared with the previous smooth surface bearings, embossed bearings are more effective in preventing skidding, which is equivalent to upgrading ordinary car tires to winter snow tires with stronger grip.


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