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  • Is this Retracement setting necessary? Yes

  • Is the value fixed? No

Different models and filaments have different softness and hardness, which can be adjusted freely.

The values we give are for testing PLA and ABS filaments

  • Where to adjust this value?

Slicing software such as : cura, s3d, Repetier Host  Makerware Flashprint.

* DIRECT DRIVE RETRACTION SETTING(Example:Ender3 V2, Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm,PLA):

Recommended speed 27mm/s distance: 4 mm

Speed 40-50 mm/s  Distance mm



  • Why modify this value:

The inside diameter of the nozzle is 2mm, and the filament inside is melted, 

Use high-speed and long-distance Retraction settings-usually the results are not what you expect. And it will have the opposite effect.


When the extruder is retracting and feeding again

  • The filaments softened by heating will come from up and down resistance,
    The diameter of the cooling part of the throat (Teflon) becomes larger and it is easy to be blocked.

When retracting:

  • the heating block and the filament inside the nozzle-there will be two states:

  • softened part and melted part.

Appropriate speed can pull out softened and partially melted filament

Two reasons for noise:  1/Retraction SET   2/Assembly Gear gap adjustment

Solid lubricating paste can reduce noise (Limited effect)


  • Solution: Adjust the slicing software (CURA, etc.) Retraction set: the speed is 27 mm/s, the distance: 4-8 mm(Direct drive 4mm,Long-distance feeding filament 8mm.)

  • The purpose of Retraction is to solve the wire drawing problem.

  • High-speed retreat and long distance cannot fundamentally solve the wire drawing,

  • because the inside of the nozzle is a molten filament, which is a structural problem.

  • Proper speed and distance can reduce wire drawing.

  • Too fast speed and long distance retraction can easily cause nozzle blockage


Why the speed is 8mm/s and the distance is 4mm(direct extrusion)

The viscosity of the filament in the molten state is very high, and the high-speed withdrawal setting has no effect-for the melted filament, the effect of the withdrawal is mainly to reduce the pressure of the melted filament in the nozzle and throat.



  • A /4 micro gears are installed correctly

  • B/ Gear gap: The gap between the motor gear and the feeding filament gear,

  • Adjustable gap has been reserved during the design.

  • Loosen the 4 M3 screws to fix the motor first

  • Adjust it by moving left and right.

  • It is recommended to leave a certain gap and rotate freely. Then tighten the screws.

Gear No gap: Which is prone to noise and difficult to rotate.

Why use metal gears: Plastic gears have low manufacturing costs and low noise. But because the 3D printer extruder needs to be connected to a motor, the direct drive environment is also at a high temperature. Plastic material is easy to deform and wear.  Appropriate application of solid lubricants can reduce the noise of metal gears.


1. Because the nozzle is blocked, filament winding and other reasons,

the tooth groove of the feeding filament driving wheel is filled with filament residue. Please clean up regularly.


2 Spring pressure adjustment.

  • Spring standard: The tightening screw should be flush with the housing.

  • If the spring is screwed in too tightly, it will only accelerate the damage of the spring.

  • Due to the positioning of the pressure gear, the filament feeding by the 2 driving gears is twice that of the conventional extruder.

  • If there is planing and no feeding, usually the nozzle is blocked or there is a gap between the throat and Teflon pipe, please check.


STL print slicing software (CURA, etc.) Retraction setting: Suggested value:


Retraction speed 27mm/s, Retraction distance: 4mm.

Long-disdance feeding filament:

Retraction speed:40-50mm/s.Retraction distance: 8mm.


With Filament After the filament is drawn back, when the extruder feeds again,The heated and softened filament will come from up and down resistance, and the diameter of the cooling part of the throat (Teflon) will become larger and clogged.There is a foreign body in the filament (or not completely melted, etc.)

Solution: The nozzle diameter is recommended to be 0.6 or more. Use high-quality filament materials. Increase the insulation softening (melting) length of the heating module. Throat: 2 modes 1 Teflon direct connection nozzle 2 Titanium alloy pipe non-direct connection nozzle Adjust the slicing software retraction setting: recommended distance 4-8mm, speed 40-50mm/s



Extruder extrusion force? Gear shaking?

In addition to the tightness of the screw under the spring, which will affect the lack of gear power, there are other reasons that you should check step by step: 1. It is also possible that the hot end is blocking the filament. You can remove the hot end to see if the extruder is working properly?

  • A Hold down the big gear and keep it still.

  • B Pulling the filament, Testing Pulling force

  • C Spring pressure is designed to be limited, spring do not need too tight, Only damage the spring. Recommended that the spring tightening screws are flush with the shell.


The surface of the driven wheel is flat, Function is to Press the filament. The power to pull the transmission filament comes from the driving wheel. The surface of the Pressure wheel has teeth-only damage to the filament-and will not have any good effect on the extrusion effect.

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