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  • ENDER Long-distance extrusion

  • Upgrade example model:

  • Net weight: 64g(no motor)

  • Double drive 1:3 Gear Ratio

  • E-steps:385 subdivision 16 step angle 1.8°

  • Excluding fan, thermistor, heating rod and BL-touch

  • Fan installation requires customers to print STL download

  • D1-set kit does not include stepper motor

  • YouTube/Omgextrd

This video has installation demonstrations of 2 types of fans and electronic air pumps.

The 3D software of the fan bracket can be downloaded on the download page of this website:

Notice:Direct drive
STL print slicing software (CURA, etc.) Retraction setting:
Suggested valueSpeed 27mm/s

Retraction Distance: 4mm

Package list

As shown below:

  • A Install the filament Press bearing using a Cross screwdriver

  • B Put in the middle part (see the picture), Insert the Spring and Screw in the fixing nut (M6)

  • C Install the Teflon bowden, Blue bowden clip is used to fix the Teflon tube(4mm) not move.

  • A  Install M3-6 4pcs  screws (don’t tighten frist)

  • B  Install stepper motor gear,Note the gear direction

  • C Adjust the position of the stepper motor gear (as shown in the picture)

  • YouTube/Omgextrd
  • A  Check Drive gear 2 precision mini bearings up and down is installed (pre-installed in factory)

  • B  Adjust the gear gap, Free and relaxed rotation is the standard.

  • C  Then tighten the M3-6 *4pcs screws fixed with the motor

  • A Hold down the big gear and keep it still.

  • B Pulling the filament, Testing Pulling force

  • C Spring pressure is designed to be limited, spring do not need too tight, Only damage the spring. Recommended that the spring tightening screws are flush with the shell.

Note: The surface of the driven wheel is flat, Function is to Press the filament. The power to pull the transmission filament comes from the driving wheel. The surface of the Pressure wheel has teeth-only damage to the filament-and will not have any good effect on the extrusion effect.

After installation. Need to adjust the E-step to 385  .Pls see  E-step


To complete the installation, you need to modify 2 steps:

For exampleENDER series

  1. Original value: 93 E-step  Value needs to be adjusts to 363

  2. Step Motor -current-adjustment

  • 42motor Nama17 you can adjusts to 0.8-1.0Vref or no change it.

If the original motor is used, the drive voltage may not be modified.

  • 36 motor nama14 adjusts the driving voltage to 0.6-Vref

Need to check the selection of stepper motor requirements, usually need to adjust,
Because the driving current of Nema 17 and Mema 14 are different, it is easy to burn the Nema 14(36) stepper motor

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