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Compatible models DM1 and separate motor NEMA 14

  • ASPINA stepper motor Japan official website link


  • ——Model: 0.9°36mm Nema 14 Stepper Motor-SST36C1080

  • ——Motor line length: 30cm+ Adapter cable 10cm

  • ——Motor weight : approx. 95g with gear

  • ——Motor gear 0.5 die 16 teeth material steel suitable for OMGV2S full range of extruders

  • ——MOTOR is compatible with 12V and 24V Voltage input



The adapted driving voltage is changed to: 0.57V

If the voltage is not changed, the motor may be burned for a long time.

Stepper motor drive volgate setting:

Please do not let the ASPINA motor work in a confined space over 80 degrees Celsius for a long time. Working in a high temperature environment over 80 degrees Celsius for a long time will easily cause the motor to burn out.

  • SHINANO is a famous Japanese motor manufacturer. It was established in 1918 and has a history of more than 100 years. It is of super high quality, stable, durable and quiet operation. And launched a new global brand ASPINA in 2019.Weight: 95g.ASPINA is JAPAN brand,Made in China

  • For more information, you can search aspina-group. Because of its excellent quality, we have specially customized this motor through our ASPINA agent and modified it for use with 3D printers.ASPINA official website:

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